Family forestry around the world

There are many family forestry movements around the world.  Here are some examples:

The Wisconsin Family Forests website, which has a great film about controlling garlic mustard.  This is an invasive and damaging species introduced by europeans that has spread into most states and is proving a major biological nuisance in the US.

The Nordic Forest Owners Association which represents family forest owners from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.  With roots going back to 1946 this organiastion has been represented in Brussels since 1995.

The International Family Forestry Alliance is an informal network of family forestry associations and lobbies internationally.  Founded in 2002 its aim is to promote the development of family forestry internationally.

The Family Forest Foundation was founded on the premise that family-owned forests are
integral to the long-term sustainability of Washington’s rural environment and economy.
Established by a local group of family forest landowners in 2001, the Foundation is working
to develop the necessary incentives to ensure the conservation of family forests.
The goals of the Foundation are to ensure:
• Family forests are ecologically enduring
• Family forests are economically prosperous
• Family forests are recognized for the public values they contribute

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